if you think im not going to meow at that cat in front of all these people then you are wrong my friend

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Imagine every time there was a season finale of a TV series, every bar in town was showing it, everyone was talking about it, your boss let you go home earlier to watch it and whilst seeing it people would lie in each other’s arms sobbing about the feels. Now explain to me why that’s immature and unrealistic, but it’s totally normal for football?

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Record-breaking 20,000 attendees at Helsinki Pride parade
 “According to Pekka Kallio of the police, the actual attendance figure was at around 20,000. Helsinki Pride producer Senni Moilanen had expected that the number of attendees would rise due to the gender-neutral marriage bill that the Legal Affairs Committee scrapped on Wednesday.
“Now more than ever there is reason to march in the name of equality, to show the policy-makers that an enormous number of people stand behind these issues,” Moilanen said.” (via Yle)
Last year they had around 8000 participants. Can you hear this, Legal Affairs Committee? This is Finland telling you that you were wrong - very, very wrong.